What is Self-Funding Healthcare Benefits?

Self funding benefits is an arrangement whereby an employer provides health benefits to employees with its own funds. This does not mean that the employee does not need to contribute or that the employer needs to take on all the risk. As you may also guess, you do not need to administer claims. With self funding you open new doors of possibility and in many cases set the rules.

Level Funding

Predictable payments and minimal risk. Level funding health plans can be a great entry way for companies new to self-funding. We shop out the different options for you making the process simple and you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your benefit plan.


Take on some risk but insure the big ticket items. Self-funding with a reinsurance plan can give a company stability in the benefit package, lower risks and maintain control.

Payroll for all business types

Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Take on all the risk and all the potential rewards.