5 Benefits of Outsourcing Benefits and Payroll

Did you know that here at OMNI, we also offer payroll services? Maybe as a business owner or as an HR professional within your organization you have thought about outsourcing your payroll, and maybe you haven’t. However, with the volume of work and to-do lists that the average HR professional has going on at any given moment, there is really no reason not to make the payroll aspect of your life—what might seem like the biggest part of your life at times—a little bit more manageable. Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing your payroll.

It is incredibly convenient. There is no one in the world who does not like to save time. If you are still doing your own payroll, staying at work late at month end figuring out reports and measuring data, you’re doing it all wrong. There is an easier, more convenient way. All you have to do when you have a payroll service like ours working for you is deliver the hours, deductions, and the salaries of your employees and we take care of the processing and reporting. With our web-based system, the convenience doesn’t quit.

Enjoy the functionality. Perhaps when you think of payroll you just think of payments going out to your employees. However, our service is much more than that. We provide you with management reports, can handle all the tax processing, filing, and paying, and can even prepare W2 forms for you. By choosing to outsource payments, you are choosing to make your business more functional and efficient.

Stop worrying about mistakes. In business as with anywhere else, mistakes are often made. They are more likely to be made when a business owner is not current on all the new tax laws pertaining to payroll. You can count on a benefits service like ours to take care of all of the necessary reports and be aware and knowledgeable of any recent updates in tax regulations. You can rest easy at night knowing that we have it all taken care of. You have a lot of things to worry about. You deserve to let us worry about this.

Stay in compliance. No matter how savvy you are with your money and taxes, as a business owner, you are likely busy enough with everything else you have going on that it’s hard to keep up with everything that you have to do. A benefits service is there to help you navigate the often complex maze of obligations, deadlines, and compliance while working to keep your employees happy.